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The Web Empress is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses secure a powerful online presence using web design, creative web content and integrated branding. For over a decade, the Web Empress has helped dozens of people grow their businesses by launching highly professional websites and marketing strategies.

My name is Mel Wells and I’m the Web Empress.
I look beyond the basic function of a website and create a platform that drives inbound marketing using a variety of tools and techniques that I’ve mastered throughout my career. It is essential to discover the best way to express your brand to your customers to reach the maximum potential of your website and I can help you do that.

Web Design: Landing Page (Sales Pages), Post Website Care, Blog Design and Content

Social Media: Strategy and Implementation, Scheduling, Content Design and Creation, Training and Coaching, Brand Integration, Custom Graphics

Design: Logo Design, Branding, Book Design and Production, eBook Design and Creation

Digital Media: Video Writing and Production, Performance Coaching, Podcast Production, Online Product Development

I build websites that create long-term client relationships, continuing to support them with an evolving role that ensures their website’s success.


I want your website to be…

My Approach

With web design, there are two key factors that determine whether your website is a success or failure. There are internal factors that address how well your website delivers the expectations of your business goals and plans.

Then there are the external factors such as good design, usability, compelling content, information flow and sustainability.

I take the time to understand your goals, your brand and your users and if needed – support the business development piece that may be missing. I want to make sure your website not only looks professional and stylish – but, that it supports the direction you want your business to go in.

If you are considering a website makeover or a starter website, why not make it the best it can be? I’ll help you make your website look great and make your business feel great.

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