Custom Coaching Products

Offer Custom Designed
Motivational-Vision Board Websites
to Your Coaching Clients

[message_box color=”green”]vision websiteI produce custom branded motivational websites for you to use with your clients. Incorporate your coaching methods and practices into a multi-media program customized for each of your clients or as a stand-alone piece to enhance your business.

It’s simple to create and maintain using WordPress website applications. It functions as a digital vision board in many ways but it has so much more to it.

Websites these days are basically content management systems. This means they hold articles, videos, audio and active posts. Which means you can offer your clients great material they can experience online anytime.[/message_box]

[message_box color=”yellow”]Hi, I’m Mel Wells
I’ve designed dozens and dozens of websites in addition to a coaching application that is currently being used by Organizational Development Consultants, Executive Coaches and Fortune 500 companies. During my years as co-founder of a learning style assessment company in California, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful coaches working in the Silicon Valley area. I came to understand some of the challenges coaches experience. I came up with a simple solution to use WordPress websites as a platform that coaches can easily incorporate into their practice.[/message_box]



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  • Great tool to share for remote sessions
  • Client accesses material 24/7 on mobile, laptop or desktop devices
  • Personalized media that speaks directly to each of your clients
  • Offer a new service to earn more revenue
  • New Coaches – Add it as part of your offerings to distinguish yourself from other coaches
  • Translate your coaching program into an interactive website
  • Start of creating an online product featuring your specific program



How It Works

I create a basic website you can use with each client.
These websites are private and cannot be accessed by search engines or other people.
It can contain:

    • Your logo and branding
    • Articles and media to support your client
    • Blogposts for the client to track and journal their progress with you
    • Online Galleries that can hold multiple images and behave as a motivating vision board for your client
    • Videos, meditations and music that keep your client motivated and inspired

What We Do

I produce the basic website with your input. Together we decide what content you want everyone of your clients to see. This includes programs you use and links to resources you have written or to resources on other websites.

I organize all the material in a manner that is most efficient and easy to find.
Once the basic website is created I make an xml file that you can use over and over again to make multiple versions of the basic website for each of your clients.

Then we decide how you want your clients to interact with the website. Each client is unique and has has different requirements. Their individual preferences can be taken into account and reflected in their basic website.


I’ve made these motivational vision board websites for myself and other people.
They are designed for:

      • Motivation to Stick with New Habits
      • Recondition Limiting Beliefs
      • Dynamic and Animated Vision Boards for Instant Inspiration
      • Personalized Reminders for Behavioral Change
      • Mindfulness Materials and Guided Meditations
      • Anti-Anxiety Antidotes
      • Keep Focus on What Is Important
      • Deep Breathing Exercises
      • Shift Attention Away from Negative Thinking

Contact me if you are interested in integrating multi-media tools with your practice.