Web Design & Development

Receive expert web design skills and put your website to work for you. You can be assured that you get a website that reflects your business and offerings in a great light where visitors feel like they are in a professional and informed environment in addition to creating actions for them to take to stay connected to your business.

Creative Content

Keeping web traffic coming to your website is key to making potential interest into real paying customers. Familiarity with your brand and what you stand for over a period of time can make amazingly positive impact to online sales.

Content can be blogposts, videos, quotes, pinterest pins, white papers, digital products, podcasts… really anything that a web visitor can consume while engaging directly with your website or your social media platforms.

I help my clients produce content their customers want to consume to bring them closer to their business whether they subscribe to a mailing list or share the content or purchase something directly.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Websites need traffic and new visitors to make them work as a sales tool. Consumers are now accustomed to discovering the websites of new and interesting products and services using social media and search engines. Businesses make social media a major part of their website to provide a vehicle for people to learn about their offerings and to take action.

My goal is simple: Find the best social media platform combination to increase website traffic, customer retention and sales. Because I deal mostly with small businesses I make sure to create a strategy that is pointed and easy to maintain on a consistent basis which is key to any social media marketing success.

Video & Performance Coaching

Video has become a necessary part of any web marketing strategy. They create transparency and invite an inside perception of your business that no other medium can offer. I produce videos that are accessible and easy to understand.

I also offer performance and video coaching for business owners that have always wanted to use videos but didn’t quite know how to make them professional looking and sounding. 

Product Development and Books

Product Development

You can offer a free product, survey or ebook to entice subscribers to mailing lists and also to give potential customers a taste of the product or service that you offer. This is like a gateway to products that you sell online that are more robust such as ecourses and video series.

I can help you develop informational pieces that you sell online in a variety of mediums. My background is in book and training program development so creating products for digital consumption is a powerful service that I offer at this time.

Landing Pages

Landing Page

Landing pages, also known as sales pages, are designed to direct a web visitor to take a single action such as subscribing to an email list or to purchase a product. There are several formulas to create landing pages but what is most important is that they create the result you want.

I design landing pages that are welcoming and allow the user to learn and become excited then take an action based on that information and emotional response. Keeping landing pages simple yet effective is the key to their success. Equally important is, of course, driving traffic to a landing page. Together we create a plan to direct traffic, produce a sales funnel then measure the results based on analytics and the bottom line.