Visualization Consulting

Your decision to improve your life can be supported and reinforced using intentional design. I produce material that you can access with any mobile device with content that is completely customized and effective at switching you into a different mindset. I also help you create a visualization routine and schedule so you stay focused on your intentions.

Do you ever feel like a rare diamond filled with potential and ready to shine but few people are around to really see this? I reflect back to you your greatest version of yourself and help you see your inner beauty and potential. Although I can be a bit tough and demanding it is only to make space for the beautiful essence I see in you always. I have been given many gifts and talents but this is the greatest gift I have been given – to see the absolute potential in another person.

I’ve taken the best practices from personal growth and spiritual development and created a very thorough program that addresses every many aspects of creating intentional change. What’s great is that I am open minded and believe in combining solid real-world goal attainment practices that are found in many business success and personal growth books along with more “magical thinking” methods like working with the Universe, getting into flow and using the Law of Attraction.

I create affirmations and guided meditations that are designed to instill intense desire to take inspired action, self-mastery and what I call “inspired discipline.”

The design I offer starts as a creative process where possibilities and dreams are allowed to express themselves and be recognized and accounted for. Then they become organized and made more concrete by distilling them into phases of attainment.

By focusing on the nearest phase of attainment, then infusing that with passion and excitement, goals become attained by carefully designed visualizations and real world actions. The seemingly endless list of issues that typically sabotage efforts such as limiting beliefs, indecision, fear are exposed and healed with methods that are designed specifically for that issue.

Repeated and continuous actions create new neural pathways and new habits. This is all carefully thought through with realistic timeframes and inherent flexibility. The point of visualization design is to discover a successful process that is uniquely yours that you repeat over and over again to succeed in any endeavor.

Underpinning all of this is the more soulful approach to life – being present and accepting what is. Surrendering to purpose and learning to give yourself permission day by day to experience more joy. Incrementally adding more play, love and joy day by day.